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Dave Stocklos

Dave’s first contact with a DJ was at his 6th grade dance. Dave spent most of the night next to the DJ helping him pick songs and he was hooked before he really knew what it was (yes, we do have photos as proof). A few years of creating the “perfect” mix tapes, he kept the passion going until he finally got involved in a DJ company at the young age of 17. Starting off as a dancer/party motivator he quickly understood that to keep the party going, it was crucial to have good songs and good mixing. It was fate when at a party he was scheduled to dance at, the assistant DJ fell ill and Dave was used as the stand in. With his taste for music and his ability to learn fast, Dave had the party rocking the whole night with his mixing. Seemingly overnight, Dave switched roles in the company and instantly became one of the most requested DJs.

During his time with his first company, Dave competed for and won 3 titles at the International DJ Expo in Atlantic City for Best New Game. Although Dave was considered one of the hottest Mitzvah DJ’s around, his passion was leaning towards the wedding circuit. In 2003, Dave started to perform at nightclubs and bars throughout Bucks County and Philadelphia. He has since been seen in some of the hottest Night Clubs in New York, Philadelphia, and Atlantic City. His vast experience and his constant need to play the newest and best music keeps all of his parties upbeat and one of a kind. His energy and passion for music leaves every guest drenched in sweat and begging for more.

When Dave isn’t packing dance floors he is spending time with his wife Kristen and their son Trent and daughter Payton. Dave is an avid outdoorsman who spends his free time camping, hunting and fishing. He also free dives, hang glides and is looking to try bungee jumping in the near future.