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Kirk Forchetti

Born and raised through a family of musicians and sports athletes who have played and competed at the highest levels of entertainment and professional sports, (Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, MLB), it seems to appear that Kirk Forchetti has inherited a sixth and seventh sense to compete and entertain. At 23 years old, and humble as anything, Kirk spends hours of his days excelling at hobbies like golf, trombone, ukulele, baseball, basketball, film, and most of all, sound-mixing and DJing.

“I love competition. I love how us DJs at Synergetic are always one-upping each other to deliver the best music and performances to our clients.”

Growing up, at the age of 8, Kirk would drag pianos through the house on the holidays, scratching walls and enraging his father, just to show his family how he could play a 30 second theme song to “Charlie Brown.”

It was in high school when Kirk had grown attached to the art of disc-jockeying. His classmates would rent out firehouses and throw “electronic-dance-music” parties. Surely enough, Kirk grew immensely addicted to the fact that only one man (disc jockey) could be responsible for such incredible dance parties.

Upon graduating with a double major of Film & Business at Temple University, the stresses of the real-world and job market have come into play for Kirk. “If it wasn’t for my obsessive hobbies, I would be a tight place right now. Being able to do something you love really does make a difference. It’s a shame that there isn’t enough availability to DJ weddings every day, but at the same time, perhaps that is the reason why each and every wedding us DJs do are so special. We look forward to our weekends.”

It’s not just about DJing with this guy. It’s about entertainment. It’s about the crowd