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Justin Byrne USE

Resident DJ Justin Byrne is the recipient of our coveted ‘Main DJ of the Year Award’ for 2013 and 2015.

Justin grew up in Northeast Philadelphia for 15 years then moved to Southampton, Bucks County. He graduated from William Tennent High School then went on to graduate from Immaculata University with a BS degree in Sports Management. While Justin attended high school and college, he played basketball for both schools. Besides having a love for basketball, music has always been a motivation for him, stating that “before game time, music would either get me pumped or relax my mind and get me focused.“

Since having a love for music, he always wanted to become a DJ and play music for others. While Justin attended Immaculata University, he would always be the DJ at the parties at school. Whether it was a house party or making mix-tapes for his friends, or even making warm up CDs for his basketball team, he always loved seeing the reaction to the music that he played for the audience.

“As a DJ my favorite music to play is music that has more of an upbeat tempo, and sometimes even Motown because I feel as though Motown will always pack the dance floor no matter what age you are. When I mix I like to only mix the chorus of songs that people only know the chorus to, and I like the play almost the full length of a song that the crowd is more familiar with. I always like to keep a dance floor packed, and when I see the crowd go crazy for songs, they feed me the energy that I need to keep them dancing.”