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11.4.17 FAME Baiada Photography 8

FAME’s First Fete

Liza & David's Teaser

You know how things just make sense? The same applies with Liza and David, making it evident they truly belong together forever. Here is teaser of the wonderful weekend we spent with their families.Always great working with Brass Tacks Events PHL, Baiada Photography, PAPERTINI, Feast Your Eyes Catering, Marcus Reid Band, Synergetic, & Maken Studios

Posted by Solidity Films on Monday, November 20, 2017

Feast Your Eyes Catering welcomed David and his bride Liza to their newest event space, FAME, for the venue’s inaugural wedding celebration. The newlyweds contacted us during the planning of their special day to incorporate unique lighting, and to help with a few other production needs. They knew they wanted to incorporate string lighting in an innovative way, but they needed our help to figure out exactly how their vision could fit into the space. When our creative team asked them what type of string lighting they wanted to include in the design, they excitedly replied with, “all of them!” Our team created a few concepts, and we sent our event tech crew off and running.

To start, we wanted to frame out the space with the larger production elements that the couple needed to make their event successful. That included two stages: one small stage for the ceremony that could accommodate the couple as well as their ceremony officiant, and the large custom chuppah created by Papertini. The second stage was centered in the main section of the ballroom, creating a platform for the band, Marcus Reid, to entertain the guests on. Once our team constructed the stages, it was time to move on to the lighting elements in the room. Step one? Illuminating the band’s stage. We rigged two lekos wide of the stage to make this happen, projecting a soft texture wash in dark amber to adequately cover each inch of the stage in light. Then, we rigged two more lekos pointing the opposite direction, serving as the fixtures to wash the dance floor in the same color and pattern as the band wash. Finally, it was time to hang the string lighting medley.

Using a variety of rigging techniques and equipment, we created a completely custom design, incorporating four different string lighting products into one mélange of elegance, fun, and romance. The string lighting stretched over the center of the dance floor and outward towards the tables on either side, and we made sure to rig a few special fixtures above the sweetheart table for a charming glow above the newlyweds while they dined with their friends and family. The end result was a jaw-dropping experience made possible by the incredible team of professionals David and Liza hired to make their day unforgettable. Special thanks to Baiada Photography for the photographs throughout the post!


Venue: FAME
Caterer: Feast Your Eyes Catering
Planner: Beth Koenig of Brass Tacks Events
Photographer: Baiada Photography
Videographer: Solidity Films
Florist: Papertini
Entertainment: Marcus Reid Band
Lighting: Synergetic